In October, we celebrate Halloween. Hard.


So we're putting our writers, actors, and directors to the test with this fun spooktacular challenge.


We will be asking you to put up a show, from beginning to end, in one month. A 10-15 minute piece, your Halloween-themed piece will push you to the limits and call upon your creativity in a way the demands your utmost focus.


Inquire about participation here, for email us at ThatRandomCompany@gmail.com.





  • Attendance is required at the final event on Saturday, October 25th.

  • Writers and directors are not allowed to perform in their own piece.

  • No nudity


  • Must meet all deadlines

  • You have 8 days to produce your work. Failure to meet deadlines will result in a removal of your piece from our production

  • Writers are also allowed either perform or direct in a piece that is not theirs, and we highly recommend doing so

  • Writers are NOT allowed to perform in or direct their own piece

  • In your application, please specify whether you’d like to act or direct in your secondary involvement

  • There will be an optional workshop for writers on Oct 5th. If you plan on attending, please give at least 24hrs notice.

  • Remember, we will be performing these at Solas Bar. Please be mindful of spacial  limitations and plan accordingly, i.e. Do not create something that needs set/lighting effects

  • Keep your theme in mind! Happy Halloween!




Wednesday, October 1 - Writers will receive a Halloween-themed prompt and a group of available actors to work with. Writers will have one week to write a 10-15 minute piece based on the prompt and their cast of assigned actors.


Sunday, October 5 - Optional script workshop with TRC founders. Apply to reserve timeslot.


Thursday, October 9 - Writers’ scripts due.


Saturday, October 11 - Directors and actors receive their scripts, and will then have 2 weeks to put up their piece. Rehearsals, lines, stage directing, anything included in the final performance.


Sunday, October 12-22 - TRC founder will be required to attend at least one rehearsal for each piece.


Saturday, October 25 - Hallow-Palooza performances go up at Solas Bar.


  • Piece should last 10-15 minutes

  • Keep in mind the talents of your assigned actors and the limitations of the space

  • No nudity, or anything unsuitable for public

  • Stick to the prompt

  • Writers must meet deadlines. Failure to do so will result in a removal of your piece from our production

  • When signing up, you must submit your general schedule for the month of October. You should have fairly open availability between the 11th and the 24th for rehearsals

    • NOTE: We will take your schedule into account to place you in the most compatible group

  • You cannot participate in more than two pieces, in whatever capacity

  • Actors must attend rehearsals, scheduled by director

  • Directors must submit rehearsal schedule once it is made

  • A TRC founder will attend at least one rehearsal before the final performance

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